G. Loomis Xpeditor Service
(Limited to US and Canada)

G.Loomis' "Xpeditor Service" is a no-fault, no questions-asked, service program designed to get our customers back on the water quickly without worrying about who's at fault. If you broke the rod accidentally or are just uncertain as to whether the damage is covered under warranty, the Xpeditor Service gives you a replacement rod at a very fair price, quickly and easily.

To execute an Xpeditor claim, just call the customer service department at G.Loomis (1-877-577-0600) and tell them you have a damaged rod that you'd like to "Xpedite". They will need a credit card to charge the service fee to, along with a shipping address to send you a replacement rod. You will receive a new rod within a few days, depending on product availability. Any rods currently. Out of stock will be replaced as they become available. Simply remove the new rod from the package, place the damaged rod back in the same package. There will be a pre-paid, pre-addressed return label provided inside the package. Just place this return label over the existing label on the package and either hand it back to the driver or take it to the nearest FedEx location for shipment back to G.Loomis. If we don't receive the broken rod within 30 days of receipt of the replacement rod, your credit card will be charged for the full retail price of the new rod.

There are several levels of performance in the G.Loomis rod line-up and understandably, different price points, depending on materials, components and design elements. Xpeditor fees for spinning & casting rods are divided into two categories and two price levels…

COST: (US Only)
Ground Shipments
$75 Fee USD - Regular graphite, GL2, GL3, E6X, IM6
$100 Fee USD – GL4, PRO4x, IMX, GLX, NRX, all blends not identified by
Material type
2nd Day Air, Alaska or Hawaii shipments
$100 Fee USD - Regular graphite, GL2, GL3, E6X, IM6
$125 Fee USD – GL4, PRO4x, IMX, GLX, NRX, all blends not identified by
Material type
$150 Fee USD - Conquest

COST: (Canadian)

$150 Fee Canadian - Regular graphite, GL2, GL3, IM6, E6X, all blends not identified by Material type
$185 Fee Canadian – GL4, IMX, GLX, NRX, Pro 4X
$265 Fee Canadian - Conquest

Please Note:

Rods no longer available will be replaced with the closest like model/material. Demo rods, Premier rods, kit rods are not covered by the Xpeditor Service.

Xpeditor Documents for Canada

Xpeditor Document - Canada

Xpeditor Document - French