Designed to exceed the expectations of the most discerning tournament angler, the IMX-PRO series JIG & WORM rods will always give them the upper hand. We’ve sharpened the actions of our rods to an acute science and our subtly tapered rear grips give you that split-grip feel with full grip comfort.

The culmination of cutting-edge technology, its lighter weight and select componentry make this series a versatile set of tools. The actions and tapers of our casting rods were carefully designed to cover a wide spectrum of techniques, water depths, and lure weights while delivering the maximum amount of power.

Our spinning rods were designed with finesse techniques in mind, yet providing plenty of power to drive the hooks home and control the fight, start to finish. Whether you’re casting tubes for smallmouth bass, or prefer fishing jerkbaits and small topwaters with a spinning rod, prepare to be overwhelmed by their performance. The improved sensitivity of the IMX-PRO is a significant step above its predecessor.


David Walker
G.Loomis Pro

I’ve been fishing professionally for 20 years and have had a G-Loomis rods in my hands for every one of them. We’ve enjoyed some successes together, including an FLW Angler of the Year title and a Bassmaster Elite Series Championship. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve had a G. Loomis Jig Worm rod in my hands every step of the way.

The JWR 853C has a soft tip for pinpoint a spinnerbait, bladed-jig, or fishing a topwater with braided line. That lighter action allows me to put a bait exactly where I need to. Say I’m trying to tone down my hookset when fishing a smaller finesse jig on 12-pound fluorocarbon line. That 3-power offers the necessary cushion. 

When the bite is on, and I can fish a bigger jig on 16- to 20-pound fluorocarbon line, I’ll step up the 4 power but still a 7’1 rod. That heavy action gives me all the power I drag big bass from shallow cover and light enough tip to skip it where those big bass hide.

I’m pretty unconventional when fishing a swim jig or chatterbait around tight quarters. To drive that bigger hook home, I like a 5-power rod, which is the heaviest action G. Loomis makes. Remember, I’m fishing both on fluorocarbon, and I want to move that fish on the hookset. If the cover isn’t an issue, I’ll opt for a longer rod.

I fish the 7’5” rods when I need to cover water without needing to make pinpoint casts. Any time I need to use braided or light line the JWR 893C, be it fishing a 3/8-ounce jig or casting swimbaits in open water, you can’t find a more perfect rod.

In that same length, when I need to fish heavier fluorocarbon be it a Senko, soft-plastic frog or even heavier football jigs in deeper water, this rod will move fish on the hookset.  That’s why if I can, I like to fish it around shallow targets, like docks.