G. Loomis Expands Selection of Technique-Specific Fly Rods

Proudly handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, the brand-new IMX-PRO V2 series is a distinguished lineup composed of models built for a range of applications. Designed to enhance natural ability, boost effectiveness, and expand tactical opportunity, the IMX-PRO V2 series is for those that make time on the water a priority. 





The IMX-PRO V2 series of rods represents a continuation of G. Loomis's 40-year commitment to the dawn patrollers, midday grinders, and last-light renegades. Every rod in the lineup exemplifies the brand's dedication to advancing the craft, combining relentless durability and unmatched performance. Multi-Taper Design, Conduit Core, and GL-7 technologies feature throughout the series, resulting in the perfect balance of innovative proprietary material use and allocation throughout the rod.


IMX-PRO V2 Saltwater: Rolled for epic performance in salty environments, IMX-PRO V2S actions are tuned for utility in three specific areas: improved tracking in the wind, lifting generous amounts of line before a re-cast, and fish fighting control. These 9’0” fast action rods, available in weights #6-#12, are engineered to possess impressive power through the bottom half of the rod while featuring a tight enough tip to minimize tailing loops and improve tracking and line pick-up. Conduit Core and GL-7 resin system technology provides a surplus of strength and impact resistance while decreasing excess weight. MSRP: $595.00-$645.00


IMX-PRO V2 Freshwater: Designed to be the day-in and day-out option in any angler’s quiver. The all-new IMX-PRO V2 freshwater series has been crafted to cover a wide variety of modern applications through a blend of standard and technique-specific offerings. The combination of Conduit Core and GL-7 resin system technology increases strength and impact resistance while minimizing weight. 

MSRP: $595.00


IMX-PRO V2 SHORTSPEY: Once considered a niche way of catching fish, more and more anglers are turning to lighter rods and modern line systems to cover large sections of the river efficiently. With progressive flex patterns, medium-fast spey actions, and pumped power levels, the fast-action IMX-PRO V2 SHORTSPEY helps put more fish in the net. Conduit Core and GL-7 resin system technology enhances positive feel, swing weight, and subtle subsurface bite detection. All models measure 11’1” with weight options #2-#4. MSRP: $675.00