Elevate Hardwater Performance with G. Loomis IMX-PRO Ice Rods

Leverage Premium Tools for Ice Fishing Success —


Action, sensitivity, and purposeful construction are the driving forces behind the new line of G. Loomis IMX-PRO Ice rods. By leveraging two complementary manufacturing methods and blank technologies, G. Loomis IMX-PRO Ice rods deliver industry-leading performance to tackle a broad range of ice fishing situations. Seven IMX-PRO Ice models feature tubular graphite construction and G. Loomis’ proprietary Multi-Taper Design for increased sensitivity and decreased weight. A series of “micro tapers” within the overall taper of the rod, the Multi-Taper Design process enables rod engineers to use more material on potential stress points and less material everywhere else. The result is a library of precisely defined ice rod lengths and powers with Fast actions that perfectly balance durability with hardwater performance. With lengths from 33” to 41” and powers ranging from Medium-Light to Medium-Heavy, tubular graphite IMX-PRO Ice rods are ideally suited for walleye, pike, and lake trout applications.



Five additional IMX-PRO Ice models feature solid graphite construction for unparalleled sensitivity. Each of these solid graphite blanks delivers Extra-Fast action for enhanced strike detection and positive hook-setting performance. These Light and Medium-Light power IMX-PRO Ice rods have lengths from 29” to 33” and are the ultimate weapons for panfish, stocked trout, and other light tackle applications.  

All models of the IMX-PRO Ice rods feature a Hybrid Guide System and are outfitted with ultra-lightweight REC Recoil guides to facilitate ice management. Solid stainless-steel tip guides provide increased rigidity and consistent shape. Premium cork handles in solid and split-grip configurations allow anglers to customize reel placement on the handle to optimize balance and enhance sensitivity. Innovative components and technologies elevate G. Loomis IMX-PRO Ice rods to the pinnacle of every ice fishing experience.  

Leveraging 40 years of rod design and manufacturing expertise, G. Loomis crafts IMX-PRO Ice rods specifically for the avid ice-fishing angler, targeting everything from panfish to lake trout. Crappie anglers fishing in a shelter will appreciate the exceptional sensitivity and Extra-Fast action of the IMX-PRO ICE 310 XF, a 31” rod with Light power that pairs perfectly with a 500-series Shimano Vanford reel. The IMX-PRO ICE 352 F is a 35” rod with Medium power and Fast action that excels in hole-hopping walleye applications, especially when paired with a 1000-series Shimano Ultegra reel. When jigging for hard-charging lake trout in deep water is on the agenda, select the 41” Medium-Heavy power, Fast action IMX-PRO ICE 413 F rod, equipped with a 2500-series Shimano Vanford. No matter which target draws you onto the surfaces of frozen lakes across the northland, a G. Loomix IMX-PRO Ice rod is ready to help you dominate the hardwater landscape.  

Just in time for first ice, new IMX-PRO Ice rods are available now from authorized G. Loomis dealers with an MSRP of $199.


  • Multi-Taper Design
  • Single-Foot REC Recoil Guides
  • Tubular IMX-PRO Graphite Construction (Fast Action Models)
  • Solid IMX-PRO Graphite Construction (Extra Fast Action Models)
  • Cork Handles
  • Hook Keeper
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, USA
  • Limited Five Year Warranty