Congratulations! Welcome to the G. Loomis family.

We exist to heighten your enjoyment on the water. It’s what we’re all about. For you, we build fishing tools that expand tactical opportunity, boost effectiveness, and enhance natural ability. That said, our pledge to provide superior customer experiences applies even when your lines are dry.

Accidents happen. We’re here to help.

Please complete the form below to register your rod within 30 days of purchase. Doing so unlocks access to our comprehensive Xpeditor replacement program and other warranty options should you require support in the future.

Registration Instructions

All G. Loomis rods require warranty registration within 30 days of purchase. Registration has the benefit of the following warranty and service programs outlined in this guide:

1. Locate either the serial number or manufacture date on your rod and have it ready to enter in the form below.

The serial number will consist of 2 letters, followed by 5 digits. 

The manufacture date will show two letters.

2. Locate the model number of your rod

3. Please fill in all of the required fields on the form below.

4. We know receipts can be hard to keep track of, so let us store your purchase information by uploading a photo of your receipt. (OPTIONAL)