What happens when you get the top G. Loomis Pros from around the country in the same room? You conceive a group of purpose-driven actions to cover some of the most proven techniques on the water. Our goal for the IMX-PRO BASS lineup of rods is to provide the serious tournament angler with a broad offering of high-performance, technique-specific rods to cover a variety of applications. IMX-PRO BASS rods blend innovation in design and hi-tech materials to enable G. Loomis rod engineers to create a rod blank that reacts quickly, loads efficiently and provides anglers with more sensitivity. With strategic scrim placement during blank construction, we can achieve more exacting tapers that give the angler the proper flex and power placement for specialized techniques. These purpose-driven designs provide anglers with the accuracy, sensitivity, and lure control they need for enhanced performance and increased success on the water. The IMX-PRO BASS series offers the complete lineup of tools to maximize opportunities in all conditions.

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  • multi-taper
  • usa
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