UNDERSTANDING ROD ACTIONS Simply put, action can be described as How and Where a blank bends when casting or fighting a fish. An action is the product of many factors. Taper design, materials, and manufacturing process all combine to achieve the right “feel” and power levels for a particular application. For example, a presentation trout rod must have a lightweight, fine diameter tip to create smooth and effortless loops that aid in accurately presenting the fly. Additionally, you need firmness (power) in the blank for longer casts, mending control, hook-sets, and line speed for stable loops in windy conditions. This profile maintains a slim diameter throughout the blank for deeper flex pattern, increasing enjoyment when fighting fish and absorbing shock to protect fine diameter tippets. 

Conversely, actions designed for saltwater environments have softer tips, combined with increased blank diameter and wall thickness through the bottom three sections of the rod. These actions resists flex under load, creating a powerful backbone capable of lifting and turning large saltwater game species and makes it easier to deliver large flies in windy conditions. We’ve provided the following descriptions to assist in identifying the correct actions for specific applications. Creating innovative, purposefully designed actions is the cornerstone of our product development process. Having the right tool for the job makes your time on the water much more enjoyable.   Steve Rajeff – Chief Designer

Extra-Fast/Salt Action Aggressive for extreme angling environments. Our extra-fast saltwater tapers boast premium pick-up ability and help casters close the gap between the bow and distant shadows. Models: NRX PRO-1 + GLX CrossCurrent + CrossCurrent PRO-1

Fast/Salt Action Fast with a dash of forgiveness, these versatile saltwater tapers combine a powerful butt and mid-section with a progressive flexing tip. The result is an action prime for both accurate short-game performance and gust-crushing line speed for long shots in unfavorable conditions.   Models: Asquith (line #: 7-12) + NRX (line #: 7-12)

Streamer Action Lift, toss, and animate meat like a boss. With positive, slightly stiffer tip sections, these actions are tuned for quick pick-ups and enhanced “feel” when swimming chunky articulated patterns. A sweetened mid-section (compared to our Fast/Salt Action tapers) minimizes “rod bounce”, a common occurrence when slinging heavy sinking lines and large flies.   Models: IMX-PRO Streamer, IMX PRO-1 Streamer

Fast/Freshwater Action Actions built to crush performance requirements of modern trout fishing techniques. An ultra-stable, positive tip precisely delivers wind resistant hopper/dropper combos, weighted streamers, and beefy indicator rigs. Ideal for fisheries where menacing wind is an everyday possibility. Models: IMX-PRO (Line #: 4-6)

Medium-Fast/Freshwater Action Easy loading and ultra-versatile, our medium-fast/freshwater actions are designed to cover the widest range of conditions and techniques. A slightly softer tip section than our fast freshwater actions promotes tight, aerodynamically stable loops. With boosted power levels through the bottom half of the rod, there’s plenty of juice to drop dries on distant spooky sippers. Models: Asquith (Line #: 4-6), NRX (Line #: 4-6), ShoreStalker (Line #: 5-9)

Light Presentation Action When delicate presentation is paramount, our award-winning light presentation action offers supreme performance. While “moderate flex” best describes this action, the mid and butt sections deliver a surprising amount of sneaky power. That, combined with a quick-recovering tip section, help anglers track precisely when casting to targets both near and far. Models: NRX LP