Spinnerbait Series

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These rods are designed specifically to fish spinnerbaits. They feature extra-fast tips to help improve accuracy and lower the trajectory on your casts so the wind has less affect on your bait, loading effortlessly, allowing quick underhand snap casts to help you cover a lot of water. The combination of accuracy and control give you an added advantage when fighting fish in heavy cover. These spinnerbait rods feature our “fiber blend technology”, Fuji guides and Fuji’s ECS “exposed blank” trigger reel seat. The only exception is the SBR864C, which utilizes a much larger blank so it has a standard Fuji trigger real seat. Bass anglers are becoming more and more specialized in their sport. Spinnerbaits may be fished by more anglers than any other single bass lure. We think they deserve their own special action and design. Fish them and we’re confident that you’ll agree!

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power Price
11274-01 SBR 751 C 6' 3" A 1 8 - 12 1/4 - 3/8 Ex-Fast Light $225.00