Versaspey Two-Hand

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We used our “blend” fibre technology and moderately priced components to create a new range of two-hand salmon and steelhead fly rods that are so-named because of their “versatility”.
Balancing the rod with the right line-weight allows these rods to perform all the dominant casting methods with exceptional comfort and control. They are better than our expectations… they are fantastic! They have dual fly line-ratings along with weight-ratings in grains to help select the right balance. For floating lines with short, mid- and long-belly integrated lines, use the dual weight line listed for the rod. When using Scandinavian and Skagit shooting lines (sink-tips not included), use the grain-weight for reference. The rods range in length from 12’ 6” to 13’ 6” and are well suited for short/compact length shooting heads, yet they are long enough for full fly lines.

Item # Model Handle Rod Length Line Weight Pieces Taper Power
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