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Fly rods have become increasingly lighter thanks to the use of new materials and technology - it is therefore important that reels follow suit to ensure a well-balanced outfit. The Eastfork range features a cold forged body and quality drag system. At 160 grams, the 7/8 version is one of the lightest metal reels on the market.
Both 3/4 and 5/6 sizes incorporate a single disc, micro-adjustable drag, whilst the 7/8 and 9/10 feature a double disc system.

Item # Model Weight Gear ratio Line capacity Ball bearings
115g 1.0:1 WF3+81m / WF4+45m 1+1 RB
130g 1.0:1 WF5+112m / WF6+90m 1+1 RB
160g 1.0:1 WF7+157m / WF8+135m 1+1 RB
235g 1.0:1 WF9+30m/250m 1+1 RB