Salmon Series

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This is our home turf, salmon country. This is where we all grew up and learned how to fish. Our local customers, guides and staff are among the finest salmon fishermen in the world. So when we asked them how to make the ultimate salmon rods, they had plenty to say. We had countless conversations and came up with hundreds of designs and re-designs. Months of trials and field-testing resulted in the entire new lineup of salmon rods that fill this catalogue.
Trolling, backbouncing, spinners, plugging, hovering or bank fishing, whatever your game, we’ve got you covered.
These rods are powerful, light, sensitive and best of all, each one has an action specifically tailored for a technique that puts the chromers in the boat. Gone are the days of lugging around one big stick and making it work (sort of) for all your salmon fishing needs. You can measure the difference in pleasure on the water and number of fish in the net. Enjoy.

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
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