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Big baits mean big fish! That’s two very good reasons why we developed our line of swimbait rods. There are guys out there that have devoted their lives to pursuing double-digit monsters.
We’ve teamed up with them, learned from their experience, shared their secrets, and digested what they believe is needed for the ultimate in a swimbait rod. These rods are the result and they cover the gamut of baits styles and sizes. They are designed to fish soft and hard plastic baitfish imitators and in the case of largemouth bass, especially really big largemouth bass – other finny delicacies – like trout, small bass and panfish. We make our rear grips extra long so you can tuck the rod butt under your arm rather than having it jab you in the ribs, which can be annoying as well as painful. The extra handle length also provides leverage to improve casting distance and control, not to mention handling the big bass you’ll be catching. Don’t forget the net!

Item # Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
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