GL2 Flip Punch

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Flipping is a technical form of heavy-duty “finesse” fishing. Heavy-duty in that you're using heavy line, a powerful rod and virtually yanking fish out of heavy cover. Finesse in that you have to be stealthy and maintain total control of the bait, the boat and the presentation. It demands a soft, quiet entry, limited boat noise and the ability to put a lure into a small space with every intent of jerking that fish right out that same spot. It's a lot of fun and especially effective when the fish are in locations where casting a lure is not an option due to heavy cover and they won’t come out to chase it. The length of a flipping stick allows the angler to “swing” soft plastics or jigs into or right next to heavy cover so that they enter the water softly. This allows a vertical presentation so your lure drops straight to the bottom, unlike a lure that is cast and falls toward the angler, missing perimeter zones because they sink at an angle away from the cover. The test here isn’t so much hooking fish as it is landing them! You need a rod that can move a fish quickly, with authority, before it has a chance to wrap you up in the cover. The GL2 Flipping Stick features a 2.5" tapered, round fighting-butt, a comfortable "hour glass-shaped" cork grip with a 3" cork fore-grip. It gives you uncanny balance and line control. The reel seat features blank-thru handle construction, with a trigger grip. Industrial bass fishing at it's finest!

Item # Model Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
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