NRX tested by Rae Borras

Test NRX Salmon rods by Rae Borras
June 2011

"Having relied on my beefy 15'6" GLX's for fishing the fast-running waters of Russia's Kola Penninsular in previous years I have to say that I had some concerns using the much lighter 15' NRX for what I consider the toughest test in my Salmon Fishing calendar. I needn't have worried.The NRX handled the heavy Shooting Heads really well casting the 35 metres needed with minimum effort, although I had to alter my impatient style somewhat ! The rod really came into its own casting my 750 grain Skaggit, the progressive action is ideally suited for this type of line, and with wind often a problem on the Kola I wouldn't be without the Skag.

Above all, the "feel" of the NRX when playing a fish is fantastic.The fishing was hard on the Kola this Spring due to unusual weather and seven fish to 22lb for my week was disappointing, but every one was a joy to play on the rod. I played a very big fish on the Eastern Litza for a while and never thought I was running out of "poke".Eventually the hook did exactly that and straightened!

Meanwhile my fishing buddie Mark Bird was putting his NRX through its paces whilst landing a superb 34lb fish on the Eastern Litza.Thinking he wasn't fishing deep enough in a gulley on the "Dream" pool he had a rare brainwave and decided to double-up his "German Snaelda" fly and use two in tandem! It was this set-up that the big fish took!. Great fishing or just luck? I will pay Mark the respect of congratulating him on a great piece of fishing.

I will have to wait until next year to trump his fish, but one thing is certain: the 15'NRX will be in my rod-case as the ideal tool for the job.

Rae Borras,
Fishing Presenter OnlineFishing TV

22lb salmon

17lb salmon
22lb salmon