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For years, one of the most popular lures for bass fishing has been the spinnerbait. It's extremely versatile, can be fished in multiple water columns and can be fished a number of different ways. You can buzz it, gurgle it, rip it, flutter it, jig it or just plain crank it. Our mantra has always been to make rods that provide anglers with the best actions for the technique or bait they favor. In this case, the GL2 Spinnerbait rods feature extra-fast tips that improve accuracy and fish-fighting control and they load effortlessly with more than enough power in the butt-section to move fish away from trouble. It's a unique combination of tactical advantages that make fishing a spinnerbait effective, yet simple. They are light, sensitive, powerful and dependable. It's not just any rod... it's a very specialized rod made for one application... fishing spinnerbaits. Enough said!

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