NRX 901-902

Wind direction, vegetation, current, the availability of forage, fishing pressure,, and extreme weather changes all can cause bass to develop a serious case of lockjaw. Put the odds back in your favor by fishing one of the best rods ever crafted to help you level the playing field.
We created an elite level fishing rod, with specifically crafted actions that improve angler capabilities while expanding tactical opportunities in slow light line fishing situations. The NRX 901 and 902 are the legendary tools anglers demanded and expect from G-Loomis and we have delivered. The multi-taper design allows us to engineer the actions required to land powerful fish and not shake your head at missed opportunities. These GL8 Resin blanks creates the ultimate tool, to deliver a lightweight and sensitive fishing rod that is hard to beat.
“A limited run of these rods are available through your dealer until they are sold out. Get to your dealer to purchase the rod that is essential to your finesse fishing success.”