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Taking a page from our NRX rod designs to create a really nice, less expensive saltwater fly rod, the PRO4x Series features our fiber-blend technology, allowing us to create a rod with a light tip, strong mid-section and powerful butt-section. These are 4-piece rods designed specifically for the traveling angler. Ranging from 8- to 10-weights, they will handle most of the flats species, and some of the smaller offshore stuff. Light, strong and smooth casting, these rods are a great option for even the most discriminate angler and they are as beautiful to cast as they look!
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Taper Power Price
12001-01 PRO4x 1088-4 9' A 4 8 Fast Stiff $360
12002-01 PRO4x 1089-4 9' A 4 9 Fast Stiff $375
12003-01 PRO4x 10810-4 9' B 4 10 Fast Stiff $375
12403-01 PRO 4x 10812-4 9" NA 4 12 Stiff Fast $395