Guaranteed Love from G.Loomis – We’re easy to fall in love with.


Guaranteed Love by G. Loomis is a one of a kind program that gives you, the consumer, the confidence to buy a G. Loomis rod with no hesitation. We know you will be so hooked on your new rod we actually guarantee you will love it!

Visit any participating G. Loomis dealer and take home a new G. Loomis rod.

Try it for 30 days and enjoy the experience of holding a rod designed by experts and handcrafted in Woodland Washington. Test the feel in your hand, experience the balance, and get to know the lightweight blank. Let it become an extension of your arm; make a few casts, fight a few fish, and enjoy a few envious looks. That always seems to happen then you are hand in hand with the love of your life.

If for any reason you are unhappy you have three simple steps to complete

1.    Return the rod to the original place of purchase

2.    Bring your original proof of purchase or receipt

3.    Answer a few quick questions and provide your name and information. After all, we expect you to be smitten with your new rod and if you aren’t we would like to hear why. Don’t worry, we don’t share any of your personal information.

That’s it. But honestly, we think we will be more likely to see you coming back to purchase another G Loomis rod. Once you start a relationship with us, you’re likely to want more. 


FAQ – Guaranteed Love

1.     Q – Where do I return my G. Loomis rod if I don’t love it?

A - Return directly to the place of purchase with your receipt within 30 days. G.Loomis dealers are trained to understand your fishing needs and provide a good solution for you whether that is a different  model, a new style of rod, or even a refund.


2.     Q- Do all G.Loomis dealers offer the Guaranteed Love program?

A – Each dealer is independently owned and so can choose for themselves whether or not they will participate but most dealers are supporting the program


3.     Q – Can I contact G.Loomis directly?

A - All returns must go back through the dealer. Each return must include the original receipt and must be returned to the same dealer where purchased.


4.     Q - Are there any limits to the program?

A - The Guaranteed Love program is effective on all purchases for any G. Loomis rod. You must have a valid receipt and return the rod to the original place of purchase within 30 days of the date stated on the receipt.


5.     Q - Does this include fly rods?

A - Yes, any G. Loomis rod.


6.     Q - If my rod is broken or damaged within 30 days, is it warranty or Guaranteed Love?

A - A broken rod or any rod with a manufacturing issue or defect is handled under warranty and is not part of the Guaranteed Love program.


7.     Q - Does Guaranteed Love apply to rods I received under your Xpeditor service?

A - Dealer sales and within 30 days of the first time purchase only. Not applicable to any warrantied or Xpedititor rod.


8.     Q - Does the program apply to online orders from the dealers?

A - Yes, any G.Loomis rod is covered under the program, but again, they need to go back to the dealer where purchased.