We would like to thank you for your trust in G. Loomis. Service after the purchase whether from a customer service or warranty standpoint is important to us and our brand.

Rod failures due to material and manufacturing non-conformities will normally cause the rod to fail in the first few uses, after that it is normally due to outside influences. Impact from a weighted fly or lead can bruise the blank and cause failure later on.

Since rods can and do break on occasion, we are providing you with two great options for getting your rod repaired or replaced.

Xpeditor Service

The Xpeditor Service is a no questions asked service designed to get you the angler back on the water quickly, with no hassle.

  • Hassle Free
  • Fast
  • Convenient

Contact Customer Service to see if your rod qualifies for this service before you begin the Xpeditor Service.
Toll Free - 1-877-577-0600

**** Failure to obtain a customer service rod model confirmation may void your Xpeditor Service.****


Limited Lifetime Warranty

G. Loomis rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against workmanship and materials.
-The G. Loomis factory will inspect the rod to determine cause of breakage and whether it will be covered


Guaranteed Love

Guaranteed Love by G. Loomis is a one of a kind program that gives you, the consumer, the confidence to buy a G. Loomis rod with no hesitation. We know you will be so hooked on your new rod we actually guarantee you will love it!

Try it for 30 days and enjoy the experience of holding a rod designed by experts and handcrafted in Woodland Washington. Test the feel in your hand, experience the balance, and get to know the lightweight blank. Let it become an extension of your arm; make a few casts, fight a few fish, and enjoy a few envious looks. That always seems to happen then you are hand in hand with the love of your life.