E6X Salmon Back-Bounce

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Backbouncing is a special technique for steelhead and salmon, allowing you to fish likely looking runs by using heavy lead to put your bait right on the bottom and, with the help of the current, literally "bounce" your offering downstream, keeping it literally in the fish's face. The amount of weight required to maintain bottom contact is determined by both depth and current. The rod you choose is based on the power necessary to lift the weight off of the bottom and still set the hook with authority. It requires a stiff tip for maximum control. E6X makes them surprisingly light, tough and very powerful! Graphite handles make it light, durable and extra-sensitive.
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action Price
12472-01 E6X 964C BBR GH 8' B 1 12 - 25 1 - 6 Med-Heavy Fast $259.99