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The effectiveness of an umbrella rig is the result of making bass think there's a small school of baitfish swimming by just waiting to be eaten. Depending on the state laws, these rigs, built like the framework of an umbrella, have as many as five or six swimbaits connected to the arms that wiggle along, enticingly behind this wire structure to emulate that school of baitfish. Fishing the rig isn't difficult, but casting and controling it can be. It requires power for the extra weight, a dynamic tip to help cast the rig and a comfortable handle to maintain control during the entire experience. Our proprietary IMX technology allows us to make a light, yet sneaky powerful rod that excels in casting, controlling and fishing the rig while giving the angler total confidence when that fish of a lifetime takes the bait.
Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Power Action Price
12427-01 IMX 915C UBR 7' 7" D 1 40 - 65 Braid 2 - 6 Heavy Fast $315
12428-01 IMX 916C UBR 7' 7" D 1 50 - 80 braid 2 - 6 Ex-Heavy Fast $315