There are two lengths of Worm and Jig rods within the Convergence Family. The shorter rod coming in at 6'8" and the longer model at 7'2". For more of the finesse type presentation the 6'8" is ideal as you will move the bait less with a shorter rod. The longer model is more for a faster pace or power fishing. These rods come in many actions covering everything from your basic texas rig or a jig with a trailer to wieghtless stick style baits. We focused on the shut off of the rod. Most jig fisherman like a rod to shut off extra fast while when worm fishing a normal fast action works the best. In the Convergence Worm and Jig series you will find both styles.

Product Specifications

Rod Type
Convergence Worm Jig
IM-7 Graphite Construction
EVA Handle Grips
Reel Seat
Custom Reel Seat
Guide Type
Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides